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We started producing the "Get Out Of Hell Free"© card in 1998. We felt it would be a novel way for Christians to get the point across that a person needs Jesus in order to keep from going to hell.

Since we started printing the "Get Out Of Hell Free"© cards we have produces well over 100,000 of them. We have several testimonies of truck drivers using them along with their tips in restaurants and various other ways in their travels across the country. We have had several Churches ask for them to be personalized with their church information for their congregation to pass out. We have had street preachers, and lay people order them to use in their varied ministries. Over the years the popularity of the "Get Out Of Hell Free"© cards has continued to grow. This is one reason we decided to build this web site.

Beginning in February of 2012 we have branched in to printing the "Get Out Of Hell Free"© logo and text on Golf and T-Shirts. This is done to try and help the individual find more and more ways to be a witness for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Each shirt ordered comes with a small quantity (25) of the "Get Out Of Hell Free"© cards. For more information on the shirts, pricing and availability just click on the "Printed Shirts" tab above.

Thank you for your interest in our "Get Out Of Hell" free cards and if we can be of a service to you or if you require help or more information, please click on the "Contact Us" tab above and send us a request.

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